Information Measures Guide


Porcelain paper clay.
Please note that as each tea light is handmade there will be slight variations in size, shape and pattern.


Hand wash with warm soapy water if you wish after removing any wax leaked from the tea light. Another great way of cleaning is to mix some warm water with baking soda and use a clean cloth to work at the ceramic surface.

To remove any leaked wax from the porcelain holder carefully pour some hot water into a bowl and immerse the tea light holder in it until the wax has become loose inside it. Then very careful (it will be hot) just pour out the wax and rinse the porcelain tea light holder with hot water.

To to avoid any blackening inside the porcelain walls caused from the smoke from the match, simply wait for a few seconds after lighting the match until the smoke has disappeared. Then light the tea light.

Another idea is to use a rechargeable battery tea light.


Please see images for guidance only.

Please note that these are handmade products and length measurements are approximate and may vary according to size of each item.


Porcelain Tea Light Holders Set


Porcelain Tea Light Holders Set



Very Small

H: 5 – 6 cm
W: 5 cm


H: 6 – 7 cm
W: 5 cm



H: 8 – 9 cm
W: 6 cm



H: 10– 12 cm
W: 8 cm


Very Large

H: 13 – 15 cm
W: 9 cm